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Google’s experimental Search Generative Experience (SGE) is set to transform how engineers interact with search results. SGE uses authoritative sources to place AI-generated content directly into the prime real estate of Google’s first page. (If you have not yet tried it, go to Google, to the Search Labs icon, (top right) and try this “What factors should I consider when selecting the right thermal management solution for an EV battery?”)

So why should all this matter to a components company?

  1. For now at least, during this experimental phase, SGE content removes the need for some engineers to visit actual web pages, potentially reducing your site traffic. So, watch your Google Analytics reports!
  2. Elevated exposure: But, if you have authoritative content about your types of components, technologies and markets, then your site could be featured by SGE.
  3. Increased traffic: SGE uses this content to include citations (=links) to the sources it uses to create the AI-generated content. So, expect more education-seeking engineers in the future to click through from SGE.
  4. Focus on education: Unlike the current SEO practice of many component suppliers, where product-focused content dominates, SGE will likely reward sites with more authoritative or educational content such as tips, lists, common techniques, and fundamentals. This shift offers a prime opportunity for both components manufacturers and distributors to gain a competitive edge in SGE, by providing the educational content that engineers care about.

So, if your company has not done so already, it’s time to start focusing on crafting expert content that educates and informs the engineering community.

This is only a very brief intro, but if you’d like to discuss further you can email me at, I’d be happy to set up a call.