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“To build a problem-solving culture, first put it on the org chart!”

One significant indication that electronics companies are beginning to go with the flow of this sea change: component makers are starting to put content managers in their org charts.

They’re making it someone’s official responsibility to create the content their customers and potential customers are searching for. Well done!

This also points at another important facet of the process: to build the right culture, first you need the right people.

As we saw in Part 1 of this video series, voice search platforms like Alexa and Siri are teaching us to pose full questions and problems to them. However, as advanced as they are, our voice search assistants are not quite ready for the technical intricacies of design engineering just yet.

And therein lies your opportunity.

Your people already have the problem-solving information in their heads, on their computers, in their application notes, and so on. So before Alexa, Cortana, and Siri take over, build an organization that is renowned for answering your customers’ design problems first and selling products second.

In the last (but not least) video of our series, we take a look at companies like Hilton, Edmund Optics and Schneider Electric, who have already built these “human search engines” into their org charts and are quickly becoming known as “Problem-First, Product-Second” companies.

This video is Part 5 in a series of five, totaling 45 minutes. You can watch the full 45-minute presentation here.