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“It’s like jumping from a moving car, off a bridge, and into a shot glass!” (Scotty, Star Trek: Into Darkness, 2013)

As I’ve alluded to in the first two segments of this video series, if your marketing plan relies too heavily on product release news to generate leads, then it’s very difficult to hit your sales targets. I’d go so far as to say it’s a very slim chance.

New Product Initiatives (NPIs) are vital for product awareness in our industry. If you’re thinking about generating leads with NPIs, however, then first consider this: either your design engineers have to be in the market today for the product you are announcing today, or they have to have a sharp enough memory to instantly recall your product when it’s needed weeks or months or years later.

Taking a problem-solving approach over a product-first approach connects you with the design engineers as they move through the design cycle – or, as it is now commonly called, the Buyer’s Journey.

In Part 3 of my video presentation, we explore this idea and compare how other industries approach this “problem-first, product-second” philosophy. We also reveal the outcome of our study of 15 well-known component makers and their marketing approaches.

You can watch the full 45-minute presentation here.