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As a technical industry marketer, you’re challenged to not only connect with your audience but to do so while relaying highly complex information. Alongside your product or service, your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are one of the leading differentiators between you and your competitors, and, when used effectively, can help turn prospects into customers through thought leadership and trust. Are you overlooking or struggling with incorporating your SMEs into your marketing plan?

Join Geoffrey Forman, Director of Marketing Operations at ITEM Media, as he reviews tips and best practices for utilizing your SMEs’ limited availability to determine when a lead is ready for the sales team. Some topics to be discussed include,

  • Branding your SMEs as unique selling points
  • Extending the lifetime of content through repurposing
  • Utilizing SMEs beyond content production
  • Aligning subject matter expertise with the buyers’ funnel
  • Generating SME interest in content development and marketing

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