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In 2017, Schaffner’s USA division approached Lectrix with the objective of improving sales and increasing audience engagement. Simply, Schaffner wanted more Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

How did Lectrix help Schaffner turn that goal into success and generate over 300 SQLs and 11% growth by the end of the year?

By developing a content marketing strategy that focused less on NPIs and more on educating engineers through the research and buying process, Lectrix’s recommended plan continues to evolve for Schaffner to this today, generating 67 new distribution customers in 2019.

Download the case study to discover how the strategy works, how it incorporates the wider rep and distributor community, and how Lectrix and Schaffner plan to keep the momentum going.

Click here to download Case Study: How A Content-First Approach to Producing Leads Earned Schaffner 25% Growth